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 Healthcare providers at Medline hospital are veterans and they have rich experience in handling any kind of health-related issue. They can diagnose it well and provide the best consultancy. Here, we are going to talk about a problem which is related to our bones and can be treated in various ways. The health-related problem which we are going to talk about is arthritis.

 How do you know that someone is suffering from joint pain?

To get an idea that someone is suffering from arthritis, the doctor would observe swelling, pain, and movements of the joints and also whether the joints work perfectly fine or not. The type of fluids can offer the right diagnosis results. To get a better diagnosis one must go to an expert doctor, who can take prudent decisions based on the diagnosis. There are various in-house test facilities available at Medline hospital.

What are the types of detection tests to determine the type of Arthritis treatment in Karnal?

X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and Ultrasounds are the image exams which help to diagnose the problem.

 What are the helpful medicines to treat the above-explained issue?

 A doctor prescribes medicines according to the situation and age, the dosage is decided by weighing many pros and cons. The expert physician will advise you well and will also explain to you the right dosage. 

If we talk about medicines, they can vary according to the situation but most of the time the treatment is based on curing symptoms than treating the root cause. A combination of physiotherapy, walking and medication can help someone overcome the issue to some extent but if the problem is serious then joint replacement surgery is done.

NSAID can reduce inflammation as well as acute pain. Some people take ibuprofen or other such painkillers without the guidance of a physician and it is not an apt decision to take. Arthritis treatment in Karnal is done by Medline hospital by expert doctors. Some Counterirritants like creams and ointments are also treatments for a short duration. They numb the pain areas and interfere with the transmission of pain signals. Steroids can also help to numb the pain and there are many more solutions which Medline hospital can provide you with if you are looking for Arthritis treatment in Karnal.

Why Medline Hospital for Arthritis treatment in Karnal?

This hospital provides various amenities and keeps the patient in a comfy position. As the patient enters, he/ she will get a world-class ambience and all state-of-the-art facilities will be there for tests. Emergency services are also available here for treating critical traumatic situations.

Orthopaedists treat injuries and fractures related to bones and also osteoarthritis but if the position of the patient gets worse, then no one other than a surgeon can treat the issue, you will get every kind of doctor here. So, for the following reasons too, you must go to Medline hospital:

  1. Gynecological surgeon in Karnal
  2. Obstetric care lady doctor in Karnal 
  3. Bone fracture treatment in Karnal   
  4. Joint replacement surgery in Karnal

 Types of Arthritis:


 First and foremost, we would talk about Osteoarthritis, a commonly found arthritis, that attacks as age increases but being overweight or injured can also lead to this kind of arthritis. There is a tissue that always prevents stiffness or pain and cushions all the joints in the body like the knee joints, hips and spine joints etc.

  1. If one feels deep throbbing pain in joints or has trouble climbing stairs or gripping things then it is a sign of this kind of arthritis.
  2. There is a limited range of motion and joints are swollen if you rest for some time. This also causes Osteoarthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis

This is arthritis which can damage the whole joint and needs immediate attention. Rheumatoid spreads in other parts like the lungs, heart and eyes. The reason why it spreads and occurs is unknown, some claim that it is due to a bacterial attack on the immune system.

We always wish you good health and want you and your family to take some preventative measures to avoid any diseases. There are a few preventative measures which can be used to lessen the risk of being affected by joint problems, these are as follows:

 Control Your Weight and do light exercises

If you can control your weight then you can easily reduce the onset of problems related to joints. Obesity is a problem which has entered into the life of people who have a sedentary lifestyle. Usually, people sit ideally and do much less physical exercise or they hardly even go out for a walk. This is to be avoided and at least walking should be made a regular habit. You ought to remind yourself that each pound in the body is putting weight on joints thus the check upon that is essential. Walking for at least 30 minutes daily can help you avoid the disastrous effects of arthritis and also. Swimming, cycling and brisk walking are all panaceas for avoiding it.

 Controlling Blood Sugar: 

It is impactful to control blood sugar as the cushion to your joints gets badly affected and is overstressed. There are several people who are suffering from problem of High Blood sugar levels, which can lead to various problems including joint pain as the joints become oversensitive.

 Stretching: This is also essential to stretch every day, to keep the joints fit and fine.

Avoid a sudden injury: There are many chances that an injured joint can have arthritis

No smoking: Smoking kills and attacks the lungs but it also attacks joints, so avoid smoking if you do not want to have arthritis.

Eat fish and have Omega 3s: Eating fish two times a week is a healthy habit and if you start taking Omega 3s then the pain can be avoided too.

All the above steps are necessary but, in any case, after this also you have the same problem, then coming to Medline hospital will be a blessing.

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