In the field of osteoporosis, the operation of the joint of the pair of binoculars is called arthroscopy, due to the complex structure of the joint and the need for state-of-the-art advanced equipment, due to the requirement of this method, the beginning of this process began later with other telescopic systems.

In the open surgery, the outer shell of meat flesh and joints coming in the way of Jard has to be cut. At the same time, there are some parts of the joints which have to be completely opened to reach the joint. By which the joint remains a long-term problem. In view of all these problems, surgery has been undertaken by the telescopic orthoscope for long periods in foreign countries and now this practice is becoming popular in India too.

The arthroscope is so slim that it can be inserted into the joint through one or more tiny “keyhole” cuts through the skin, rather than longer incisions. The arthroscope is fitted with a state-of-the-art miniature camera and a specialized lighting system that enables the structures inside the joint to be viewed on a monitor. The surgeon can attach special tools to the end of the arthroscope to shave, cut, or remove tissue or bone that are causing problems.

The most common arthroscopic procedures include repairing cartilage and meniscus problems in the knee, and removing inflammation and repairing rotator cuff tears in the shoulder. Medline Hospital performs over 700 arthroscopies per year. Hip resurfacing is also done through key hole Surgery.

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