Infertility Treatment

Infertility affects nearly 10 to 15 % of all married couples planning to start their families. The incidence is increasing. Delay in marriage and childbirth, changing life-style and many such factors have contributed to this increase. New techniques have been now available to counter this menace.

Intra-Uterine-Insemination (IUI)

What it means?

IUI means injecting sperms inside the uterine cavity.

Who are suitable candidates?

Unexplained infertility, mild male factor infertility, sexual dysfunction, mild endometriosis, with ovulation induction donor insemination.

Who should not get IUI?

Women with blocked tubes, severe endometriosis, more than six failed cycles of IUI, severe male factor infertility.

What are its main steps?

Giving appropriate medicines to the female partner to stimulate ovaries to produce one to four follicles.

Preparing semen sample from male partner to obtain an enriched and clean sample containing active spermatozoa.

Injecting this sperm preparation inside the uterus at the time of ovulation as decided by follicular sonography

Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction

What it means?

Sexual dysfunction means the inability to perform intercourse due to various reasons. The problem may be in female in the form of pain during intercourse or in males in the form of erectile dysfunction. It may occur due to psychological or physical reasons.

Who are suitable candidates?

Couples unable to perform intercourse.

What are its main steps?

Physical factors are to be ruled out such as;

Females – endometriosis, trauma, scarring
Males – diabetes mellitus, neurological dysfunction, etc.

Most common cause is still psychological for both partners and proper counselling is required for treatment. Medicines are helpful in some situations.

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